As we all adjust to a new normal and the world comes to terms with the devastating impact of Covid-19, we understand now more than ever that everyone wants greater security, greater flexibility and greater confidence when booking a holiday or weekend away.

Which is why we’ve introduced Master Cancel to remove the stress and worry from booking your stay with us. We can now offer guests incredibly flexible cancellation terms on all new and direct bookings with an arrival date after 1st sept 2020. If you have to cancel – for any reason – 60 days up to 2 days before you are due to arrive, you will get a full 100% refund on your accommodation costs.

So if a member of your party falls ill, work and holiday commitments change or you’re unable to travel due to Government restrictions, you can book with confidence, and know that your stay at Myrtle Cottage Gower is protected should anything happen that means you can’t come to us.

Read on for how it works…

What is Master Cancel?

Thanks to Master Cancel, we can now offer guests incredibly flexible cancellation terms on all new and direct bookings with an arrival date after 1st sept 2020. You can book with confidence, and know that your stay is protected should anything happen that means you can’t travel or make it to Myrtle Cottage Gower. If you have to cancel 60 days up to 2 days before you are due to arrive, you will get a full 100% refund on your accommodation costs.

Do I have to pay for it?

No, you don’t have to pay anything extra for Master Cancel – it’s included within the accommodation price.

Can I cancel a stay at Myrtle Cottage Gower for any reason?

Yes – of course, we’d rather you didn’t but do totally understand that sometimes plans change! You can cancel for any reason within 2-60 days of arrival. There are no forms to fill in, we do not require evidence or doctor notes. All we need is your written notice of cancellation by email from the email address that made your booking. The date and time of the email we receive will be provided as the evidence of cancellation.

Is Covid-19 included?

Yes. Whether it is because you do not want to risk traveling and becoming unwell, whether you are required to self-isolate, if the Government restrict travel or enforce a lockdown of Myrtle Cottage Gower, Master Cancel will cover this. 

What if I cancel within 2 days prior to arrival?

Unfortunately bookings cancelled within 2 days (24 hours) of arrival are not refundable. For example – if you are due to arrive on a Friday at 5.30pm GMT, you can cancel up to the Wednesday 5.30pm GMT. Cancellations on Thursday (day before) or Friday (arrival day) will not be covered by Master Cancel.

What if I cancel before 60 days prior to arrival?

Cancelling more than 60 days before arrival does not activate the Master Cancel programme. If you can we would recommend waiting for the 60 day cancellation period to start before cancelling your booking, otherwise you will lose your non-refundable deposit as per our Terms and Conditions.

If I have to cancel what do I get back and when?

When a cancellation is applied for the guest receives 100% of payments made. Refund payments are processed on the departure date of the cancelled booking.

Does this include current bookings?

No Master Cancel is only included for direct bookings made from 17th August 2020 for arrivals after 1st Sept 2020. Bookings made before this date will have our standard Terms and Conditions applicable at the time of booking.

Can I choose not to have Master Cancel?

No. Master Cancel is valid on all bookings from 1st Sept 2020 and is included in the cost of your booking.

Is any scenario not covered by Master Cancel?

Master Cancel will cover almost every possible reason for cancellation. However, there are a few instances that it won’t cover:

•      War, civil war, invasion of foreign enemies, war-like activities (whether or not there is an actual declaration of war), rebellion, insurrection, civil commotion arising to the level of up-rising, military or usurped power;

•      Acts of terrorism committed for political, religious, ideological, or similar purposes;

•      Actions intended to prevent any of the above.

•      Cancellations outwith the 60-2 days period prior to arrival.

Should I have personal travel insurance for our booking?

We always recommend guests have their own personal travel holiday insurance just as with any standard holiday booking in the UK or overseas. Even for new bookings taken after 17th August 2020 for arrival after 1st September 2020 we would still recommend personal travel insurance be in place to cover the periods outwith the Master Cancel protection programme.


Booking Terms & Conditions
Reservations of all holiday accommodation whether made by telephone, email, in person, in writing or from the internet are accepted by Myrtle Cottage, hereinafter referred to as MC, on the following conditions.
If you or a member of your party develop symptoms before your holiday, please let us know as soon as possible and DO NOT come on your holiday.
​If you or a member of your party develop symptoms during your holiday, please let us know immediately and return home as soon as is reasonably practical and safe for you to do so. If you need to self-isolate at the holiday property, we will have to charge for the bookings that will have to be cancelled as a result.
​If you or a member of your party develop symptoms up to 14 days after your holiday, please let us know.
When you submit a booking via our online reservation system, or any other platform, you will receive an automatically generated booking summary by email to the email address you provide at the time of booking. This does not form a contract between us. A contract shall only arise when your booking is subsequently confirmed in writing via a letter of confirmation sent to you by email or post, once the deposit has been received. The contract is for the hire of the property for short term holiday letting and will be formally entered into between MC and the Hirer. We do not accept bookings from Hirers under 18 years of age.​
Bookings will be reserved upon receipt by MC of the required deposit payment of 25% of the holiday cost. If the required deposit is not paid within 3 days, the booking will be cancelled and the dates released. If the booking is made within six weeks of the holiday commencement date, the full accommodation rental will be required at the time of booking. Deposits can be paid by BACS transfer. ​ If the deposit is not paid within 3 days, MC will contact the Hirer to establish if the booking is still required. No response from the Hirer will result in the booking automatically being forfeited.
The Balance of the Hire will be due for payment 8 weeks before the holiday commencement date. A week before arrival advice on key collection arrangements and directions to the property will be sent to the Hirer. Failure to make full payment of the balance in the time period stated above will result in the booking being cancelled and the deposit being forfeited unless pre-arranged between the Hirer and MC.
Payments can be made by bank transfer  and only in £ Sterling. All necessary payment details will be supplied when the contract is confirmed.
Bank transfers – please allow 72 hours for these to be acknowledged.
VAT does not apply to MC’s property rentals.
Once MC has issued a Confirmation of Booking, the Hirer is responsible for the total published price of the holiday let and extras as shown on the confirmation. Amendments to bookings, where applicable, need to be made as soon as possible. MC reserve the right to adjust prices quoted on our website or on details to properties, due to errors or omissions or changes in VAT.​
If you are forced to cancel your holiday you must inform MC as soon as possible. The day we receive your notice to cancel is the date on which we will cancel your booking.

Bookings placed BEFORE 17th Aug 2020 or Bookings Commencing BEFORE 1ST SEPT 2020: We are not able to offer refunds or changes of dates if you find you are unable to take the holiday you have booked therefore HOLIDAY INSURANCE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. If you are unable to make your holiday please inform us immediately so that we can provide you with any written evidence required to enable you to make a claim on your holiday insurance.​

Bookings placed ON OR AFTER  17th August 2020 AND bookings commencing AFTER 1st SEPT 2020: These will have Master Cancel protection cover for cancellations that are made between 60 and 2 days before the booking takes place for ANY reason, subject to the following exclusions.
Losses, damages, costs or expenses resulting from Acts of War and Terrorism are excluded from the insurance. This means that MC will not reimburse any bookings for cancellations arising indirectly or directly from:
War, civil war, invasion of foreign enemies, war-like activities (whether or not there is an actual declaration of war), rebellion, insurrection, civil commotion arising to the level of uprising, military or usurped power;
Acts of terrorism committed for political, religious, ideological, or similar purposes;
Actions intended to prevent any of the above.

Losses arising from /nuclear reaction, radioactivity, and radioactive contamination are likewise excluded from the insurance.
Any booking payments made are covered in full.
The refund payment for cancelled bookings will be released back to the cancelling Hirer on the scheduled final date of the original booking.
If bookings are cancelled prior to 60 days before the booking takes place the deposit will only be returned when a replacement booking has been obtained and a cancellation fee equalling 10% of the booking total will be charged. Should there be any price reduction to secure the replacement booking, this will also be deducted from the returned deposit.
Cancellations made 2 days or 1 day prior to or the day of check-in will not be eligible for refund. Example: For a check in on FRIDAY, Hirer could cancel the prior SATURDAY, SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY, but not WEDNESDAY (2 days prior) or THURSDAY (1 day prior) or FRIDAY (day of check in).

MC does not charge a booking fee.
​9. PETS
Bookings that include pets are taken on the understanding that all flea and worming treatments are up to date. Please remember that they should not be left unattended in properties. You, as pet owner, will be responsible for removing any evidence left by your pet and reimbursing the owner for any damage caused. Please show consideration for guests visiting after you have gone home and bear in mind that some popular beaches do not permit dogs during the summer months.
Customers with allergies should be aware that we cannot guarantee that a dog has not stayed in a chosen property recently. We cannot accept responsibility for any suffering which may occur as a result of such animals having been present. Further, although all of our properties are cleaned between lets and regularly ‘deep cleaned’, we cannot guarantee that properties will be completely free from pet hair.​
MC will not be liable to you, any member of your party or person visiting the property during the period of your hire of it for happenings outside its reasonable control, such as breakdown of domestic appliances, plumbing, wiring, temporary invasion of pests, building works at adjacent properties, damage resulting from exceptional weather conditions or other unforeseeable circumstance.​
In no circumstances may more than the maximum numbers of persons, as stated in the brochure/website, occupy a property. MC reserve the right to refuse admittance if this condition is not observed. No refunds will be given if admittance has been refused for this reason. The person who completes the booking, i.e. the lead name, certifies that he or she is authorised to agree to the Booking Conditions on behalf of all members of the party, including any changes. The lead name must be over 18 years and a member of the party occupying the property. The lead name agrees to take responsibility for all members of the party. MC reserve the right to refuse or revoke any bookings from parties that may in our opinion (and at our sole discretion) be unsuitable for the property concerned.​ max of 14 if the whole house is rented. Max of 9 if the main house only is rented. Max of 5 if the annex only is rented
For the whole of the period included within your booking, you will be responsible for the property and will be expected to take all reasonable care of it. The property and all equipment and utensils must be left clean and tidy at the end of the hire period. If a property is not left clean and tidy, any additional cleaning costs will be charged to the hirer. Should there be any specific health or mobility difficulties which may affect a party member; this must be pointed out at the initial reservation stage so that the suitability of the property can be assessed.
The property must be vacated by 10.00 am on the day of departure, along with any parking provision.​ If you do not vacate the property by the designated time, costs may be incurred.
The Hirer must not use the property or allow its use for any dangerous, offensive, excessively noisy, illegal or immoral activities or carry on there any act that may be a nuisance or annoyance to the property neighbours. This would be deemed a serious breach of the terms of the Contract and MC has the right to terminate the Contract with immediate effect in this instance.
MC and its employees and its representatives shall not be liable to the Hirer or any member of the Hirer’s party for loss or damage to their property howsoever arising. You must take all necessary steps to protect and safeguard your personal property.
All damages and breakages are the legal responsibility of the Hirer and should be reported immediately and before the end of the holiday. It is ESSENTIAL part of the Contract that all damages/breakages/problems should be reported as soon as they occur to MC. This will enable the us to attend to the problem during your stay or plan for repairs/maintenance/replacement during the changeover at the end of the holiday. Problems that are not reported during the booked period will have no validity after the booking period. The reasonable costs of miscellaneous repairs to and/or replacement of and/or additional cleaning of furnishings, kitchen equipment, crockery, glass, keys, bedding and towels damaged or soiled otherwise than by usual wear and tear during the period of Hire by you or other members of your party shall be payable on demand to MC who may also, at its sole discretion, refuse further bookings.
Any Security Deposits charged will be cashed on receipt to allow for bank clearance and reimbursed promptly after the holiday (less any deductions which may be incurred). MC has the right to enter the property (without prior notice if this is not practical or possible) if special circumstances or emergencies arise (for example if repairs need to be carried out). MC reserves the right to repossess the Holiday Home at any time where you or any member of your party has caused damage, and in such circumstances the MC shall not be liable to make a refund of any remaining portion of the hire terms paid.​

MC take every care to ensure the accuracy of the property descriptions. All information in this brochure and on the MC website is given in good faith and is believed to be correct at the time of going to press, but the MC cannot be held responsible for changes beyond their control, which may become known after publication of this literature.
In addition, whilst MC is described as non-smoking, this cannot be guaranteed.
Please be aware that the property is advertised as having an enclosed garden, this does not necessarily mean a secure garden. MC’s description of a cottage shows what amenities that property has but generally does not state what is not in the self-catering property.​
The Hiring Contract is made on the understanding that the holiday home and its facilities as published will be available for the dates stated. In the unlikely event that a property is not available through events arising outside the control of MC then MC may be forced to cancel the booking and you will be advised as early as possible. Where possible, you will be offered suitable alternative accommodation, which, if not acceptable, will entitle you to a refund of all monies due. You will not as a result have any further claims against MC or the owner.
Please note that reservation requests taken via our website are not confirmed bookings until we have contacted you and accepted a deposit.​
If the Hirer wishes to make a complaint about anything connected with its hire of the property it should contact MC as soon as reasonably possible prior to departure. MC will then consider the complaint and take action to resolve this itself as soon as reasonably practicable. In no circumstances can compensation be made for any complaints that are made after the hire has ended, or where the Hirer has denied MC the property the opportunity to address the issue during the Hirer’s stay.
MC do not accept responsibility for work taking place outside the boundary of the property, or for noise or nuisance resulting from third party activity over which MC has no control.​
MC will process your data in accordance with its Privacy Policy and which also details your rights and how to contact us in relation to any data protection queries. At all times your data will be held securely and protected in line with MC’s obligations under UK data protection legislation. Your party names and contact details will not be shared with anyone outside of MC.​

Specifically, this privacy policy provides you with details about the personal information we collect and hold about you, how we use your personal information, and your rights regarding the personal information we hold about you. Please read this privacy policy carefully – by continuing to access or browse our websites, or by requesting the provision of services from us, you confirm that you have read and understood this privacy policy in its entirety. We collect, store and use your personal details as outlined above for our legitimate business interests, so that we can fulfil both your immediate and any potential future holiday booking or enquiry needs. This storage and use of your personal information allows you to be contacted about both your current booking or enquiry, and also allows us to update you with offers, opportunities and developments which could be both interesting and beneficial in the future. We do not believe that this storage and use will unduly prejudice your rights or freedoms. You have certain rights in relation to your personal information. If you would like further information in relation to these or would like to exercise any of them, please contact us at any time.
In the event of any dispute between parties it shall be referred to the jurisdiction of the English courts only and any actions shall be heard in the court for the area in which the property is situated. Any contract between the parties shall be governed by English law and jurisdiction. Any disputes arising between you and MC, if not mutually resolved, shall be referred to a single arbitrator agreed, or in the default of such agreement, to the President for the time being of the Law Society or Institute of Arbitrators. In either case, such arbitration would be subject to the provisions of the Arbitration Act of 1996 or any statutory modification thereof for the time being in force. All parties will contribute equally to the cost of Arbitration. These Booking Conditions supersede any previous issues.